Your people are fully engaged, towards a great purpose, following great leadership, within a great culture, with great skills...imagine the impact on your company's success, whether that be financial or fulfilling your purpose...if this starts any thinking with you, we'd love to talk....

We don't just 'do training courses'....we don't believe that approach works....we work with you to create the right approach to gain meaningful change to deliver your business outcome in return for your investment in your people.

The Other Mind was started with our key value of COLLABORATION in mind. Paul and his team of partners have successfully merged thinking from many industries including Healthcare, Legal, Airline, Charity, Energy, Defence, Retail, Music, Food sectors to ensure the very best lessons are applied to solving your problem or challenge.

How We Can Help You

  • Want a full review of your commercial / Key Account Management approach?
  • Want a serious change to the approach with customers?
  • Want to align multiple departments to your approach with customers?
  • Want to align the whole companies view of the value you bring?
  • Want to significantly boost the resilience / mindset of your people?
  • Want to help leaders become the best version of themselves?

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The Other Mind

At the very heart of The Other Mind, lives our Growth Mindset... we bring a different way of thinking, based on COLLABORATION. We have created partnerships with fantastic minds from different sectors and different countries... so you will benefit from true diversity... we bring a different set of thinking, hence...The Other Mind.

If you, like us, believe in true partnership, we will work with you to really understand your priorities, your challenges and bring a set of solutions which draws upon our cross-industry experience and network of experts. We are based in UK with a fantastic group of faculty based across the globe - we can deliver in multiple languages and no project is too big or small.