In 2017/18, the HSE estimated that 57% of working days lost in the UK were due to stress, depression & anxiety
The cost of mental ill health in the UK (due mainly to lost output) is estimated at between £74 and £99 billion per year

Today's world is busy, it seems like there is no getting away from this...but there are things we can do to improve our resilience.

The Other Mind have now asked the following question to over 800 people: "Do you feel busier now than you were 10 years ago?" and the overwhelming response (>90%) is Yes. COVID-19 has not helped. Workplace absence due to stress is becoming a big problem to both individuals and organisations. The great thing about our resilience score is that it is not set in concrete. Unlike our personality, that tends to change very little as we leave our teenage years, resilience is something we can affect, with very practical measures.

The Other Mind has now helped organisations develop resilience and high performance mindset in Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Airlines, Nutrition, Security, Medical Equipment, the Food Industry and the NHS, to mention a few....let's talk about how we can help your most important resource!


We will work with you to create the right programme based on your is very likely to include some form of workshops, completion of the RQi Resilience report (individual and/or team) and individual coaching.

Our coaching leads to clear practical changes which can shift the score and really help at an individual level, but also team and organisation. This is NOT about saving people who are in crisis...this is building the resilience that can help all people thrive...the clarity of mind needed to perform at high levels cannot be taken for granted.

We are certified trainers of the fantastic RQi model. In line with our highest value of collaboration we have partnered with Thrive. We can run the RQi psychometric assessment with you and your team and then support you in your journey of understanding and importantly your growth towards greater resilience.

We believe it is critical that you are able to measure resilience and then set in place actions to improve the scores, which is exactly what we help you do.

One of our inspirations came 20 years ago from a session with Dr Terry Lyles...and since then we've been taking some of the lessons and our passion to NHS, commercial customers and even junior football teams!

This work is at the very heart of what 'The Other Mind' stands for. Where do our 'best moments' come from? Why do some days go so well? What is different about those moments, when we know we are being amazing leaders/sales people/parents/friends? The word which almost always rises to the top is clarity, but lives are busy, how do we gain clarity when it's busy...let's talk more.


We are certified trainers of the fantastic RQi model