At The Other Mind, we believe every situation is unique.

We believe that your situation is different to any other...and there is always a different way to look at a problem, so it is unlikely we will run an 'off the shelf' programme for you. We also believe strongly that training can make a huge difference to your people and your results, so invest and invest wisely.

We believe any training intervention should consider all of the following:

  • Stay focussed on the business outcome of the training - better for you and your people.
  • KNOWING is not the same as DOING...increased skill and confidence come through practice, repetition and success.
  • FEEDBACK should come from an expert.
  • Whilst not BOIL THE OCEAN...decide what will make the biggest difference and focus on it.
  • When learning...learn around REAL LIFE...most people prefer this and it can have an immediate impact on results.
  • Attitude and mindset really matter - to EVERYTHING...we work on this both explicitly and implicitly.
  • We bring learns from other sectors...this has proven incremental in so many examples on our journeys with clients.
  • We believe in a blended approach to skill development - virtual, face to face and e-learning can be great...and should be. We trained our entire European faculty on VIRTUAL EXCELLENCE within 1 week of COVID really taking hold.


We've created a truly different approach to customers. It flips the old model. It is creating serious impact for clients we work aligns your people, changes the focus, impacts customers and ultimately drives performance.



We've all had fantastic leaders and less than fantastic leaders. We all know the difference it makes. Let us help you explore the areas that make the biggest difference to your people, your culture and ultimately your performance.



The world has woken up to the importance of Mindset and Resilience. Everyone knows the link to high performance. Our highly qualified coaches love working with our clients in this area as we see, everyday, the difference it makes.