Lead from the back and let others believe they are in front."

Nelson Mandela


True leadership is found at the heart of all great organisations and movements...whether they be commercial or not. There is no greater investment to be made than in your leaders. We believe the 1st step to great leadership is the ability to lead-self, then lead others.

We would love to work with you to create something special for your current or future leaders...whether it be an intervention to look at one specific area within the very broad term 'leadership', or an entire leadership development programme. With a little imagination a leadership programme, can be one of those career stories that people will talk about for years....like we do!

Let's talk, to see where we might be able to help your most important people....


If you are looking for executive coaching, life coaching, sales coaching, resilience or emotional intelligence coaching, we have a huge amount of experience and success with clients who have benefitted in all these areas...across the world...let's chat

If you are looking for coaching development...we have worked with organisations that wanted to do another 'coaching course'...another attempt at improving our leaders ability to coach. Our approach goes much deeper than following a coaching model...we will help your leaders understand their own approach, measure this against best practice and then measure the improvements...coaching is not an easy skill....it goes against most of our natural human tendencies to help by problem solving, but it is incredibly powerful when mastered.....let's talk

Social Styles

...Understanding yourself is the very 1st step and the most important one when it comes to leading, selling and influencing others. We will take you on a journey to ensure self awareness and understanding of how you and others are different and how best to connect...we do not put anyone in a box....this is ridiculous thinking, given we are all unique, we are all different! Once you understand yourself and can very quickly understand others, the impact we've seen on teams, on selling and even in personal relationships is inspiring !